Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NEW WEBSITE YO! Complete with checkout system so you don't have to talk to me now to buy stuff, probably better for you guys anyway lool.

Anyway you guys always know where to find me, that doesn't mean I don't want to hear from you anymore, but I just want my product to be more accessible to people when I'm not on the computer. Prices are the same for now. Web hosting is cheap and my checkout system is free. I don't see any reason to raise prices unless I somehow get hungrier or rely on this as my main source of income heh..

Again thanks for your support and it all goes to helping me expand my hobbies, the cable business, and keeping me fed! I really couldn't do it without you guys and I have the easiest job in the world, talking to people with mutual interests who want to pay me money for it :)

New Wire!

Monday, April 1, 2013

So currently we've served you folks the following:

26AWG OCC copper stranded wire w/ PTFE tubing
26AWG OCC silver plated copper stranded wire w/ PTFE tubing
26AWG OCC silver + 1% gold (we have a very small amount of it left) w/ PTFE tubing

Now I'm proud to announce that we fully stock:
24AWG OCC copper stranded wire w/ PE tubing (very soft and supple)
26AWG OCC pure silver stranded wire

Silver cables for IEM's are $225 shipped with your choice of Oyaide's rhodium plated plugs in either straight or right angle, and the famous Viablue T6S.

Headphone cables probably need to be negotiated, but just assume $35 per foot + whatever the surcharge for your particular headphone is on my super outdated chart haha!

As always, I sincerely appreciate you guys spending your hard earned money on my gear. We're somewhat becoming a household name in cables and Ted works his fingers to the bone each and everyday to bring you guys the best sounding, most durable, yet affordable performance cable yet.

Feel free to e-mail me regarding any cables you would like to have made for you at

I'm working on having a website launched with a full blown checkout system. I've preferred to do business personally in the past, but for the convenience of people who need stuff right away and they know what they want, I'd like to save their time and make their experience working with me easier. Also it'd probably be great to get a payment confirmation hehe..

Anyway lets hope for the best and I hope to see our brand of cables grow. We're still a two-man operation and our business is growing day by day :)

Many thanks!

Some dude who owns a cable company

Really wish I didn't put off my taxes until now..