Hi everybody! Chris_Himself from Head-Fi here!

What an attractive lad.

I recable headphones and provide custom cables for in-ear monitors with detachable cables with my friend Ted. I met him on the internet (as how all people should meet their friends) and we've been an awesome team ever since day 1! 

This project is mostly to pay for my fish taco habit and schoolbooks!


I actually enjoy having something to do with my free time, I like reading my PM box every morning to see that people are enjoying the product I can deliver or seeing how I can help various people connect certain things to other things via 6N UP-OCC silver... (silver jumper cables anyone?)

I attend San Jose State University for Materials Engineering and Materials Sciences. Basically another term for studying what stuff is made of and how to make the stuff that makes other stuff.

Me after I get my Bachelor's degree

Proceeds go to supporting Ted's margaritas and towards my San Jose State University education!

This is a full consultation service, please PM or e-mail me to see how I can help you with your cabling needs. I prefer to work on a case by case basis otherwise I'd have a checkout system. I love chatting with new people every day and hearing their stories!

I'm also known for being budget friendly so don't be shy! Theres a cable service for everybody :)