Vacation til Monday!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

See yall then!

Monday, May 27th :)

Silver +1% gold now in stock

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gots mo' wires to make mo cables' to make mo monies

THE FOLLOWING IS JUST A SCREENCAP. PLEASE DON'T CLICK THIS, BAD SHIT WILL HAPPEN. Just kidding it's just a screencap to show you guys what the site looks like in case yall haven't been there yet.

Please visit

I haven't figured out how to do a redirect yet, so if you go to you'll literally get my webhost LOL

Silver +1% Gold IEM Cables

Starting at: $250.00

Please Choose:

Please select a sleeving color below

  • Model: IEM Cable
  • 998 Units in Stock


Website is kicking ass and taking names

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So far in a one week span, I've done about 14 orders already. Contemplating raising prices so I can trim down the volume of orders though, we're getting drowned in work even moreso than usual. I guess accessibility was what was holding me back the entire time.

I need to figure out how to hotlink it so that (currently goes to my website hosting which ends up being a blank page) to (the actual store) so that people don't get lost.

I'm at about 200 page hits a day so that means you guys still like it for what it is.

Need to update product description, but the thing is I have to use all these effing programs like MS Word, photoshop, and adobe dreamweaver to build one entire page and I basically have to do it for my entire product line as well as each page -____-

But yes I figure the longer I keep people reading on the store, the more time they're spending on there, and the more sales yeah?

Well thanks for the support guys, really appreciate everything you guys do to help HPLAudio grow :)
And remember.. it's HPLAUDIO.COM/STORE haha

Dammit I hate computers when it's non-gaming/porn related..