Hey hey hey, I never say these these are any good but apparently some people do!



Bimmer116 (just a quick plug, but he did buy a hefty cable)


Hey Chris
Today, I received a small package from Ted. My cables, so very nice!
I know they will open up more with more hours of combined burn-in and use.
I did quickly compared the interconnect with an Ibasso one and your interconnect definitely
sounded better with more detail and clarity.

The IEM cable I will dedicate to use with my pair of reshelled DBA-02's. Their brightness and clarity seems to have a great synergy with the slight warmth that your gold/copper cable provides.

Thanks again and a pleasure to support your business.

I have been a member/user of HF for some years as "Jupiterknight" and I will most certainly make sure to post some positive comments about your cables when I get the chance to.

Hi Chris, just wanted to let you know that I received my cable today and I am listening to my 650's right now through it :). It looks amazing and it sounds great as well. The XLRs to 1/4" is really practical for me :).
Thanks for the great product :D

(I don't count all the feedback I get in my PM box)