Yohan's RCA's and USB cable

Friday, October 28, 2011

One of the more handsome RCA's I've built in my time. 26AWG Cryo'ed silver tipped with a quartet of Viablue T6 RCA's. Thanks to Qables again for rectifying a small issue I had with the quantity I ordered in a timely manner.

USB A to B cable. At first I was skeptical about sound, but Yohan insists there is a difference, and hey can't knock it til you try it! Also we were all skeptical about cables in general weren't we?

Thanks for stoppin by yalls

Randy's LCD2's

Monday, October 24, 2011

So Randy/Physther has been ordering from me since day 1, has about every single configuration of every cable I made just for fun (dude I know you don't really need all of them, thanks for supporting me)

He made a comment that the LCD-2's were kind of boring, long stretch, lets throw a cable at them... here's his feedback:

"Yooo chris - I'm still on Phuket time which is 6:30pm later today so listening to the LCD-2 w/cable you made - AB'ing the heck out of it and it just sounds so much better than the stock cable - highs are more crisp, lows more punchy - like it hits then ends/moves onto the next note (not sure what the word for that is =P). I have been using your cable exclusively since I've returned. Thanks man!!"
Clairvoyant gold plated OCC copper terminated to a DHC/ZXAC 3.5mm plug

Rean/Neutrik mini 4-pin XLR's fitting very flush on the LCD-2

Baka1969's HD800's

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baka1969 got these from me and took some sick pics for me :D

They started life as a top tier Furutech FP704 1/4" plug, 26AWG cryo 7N solid core silver wire in a litz braid, then terminate in some really sick ALO milled brass plugs for the HD800. The ALO plugs were like 50 bucks shipped from ALO! Expensive yes, but they were better looking to me than the ones Moon Audio produces, although if they have a rebuttal, feel free to send me a sample guys :)

ALO for the record, shipped the Furutech and their HD800 plugs in a speedy manner and I have them to thank for the very small (like 3-4 days) it took to produce a cable of this level of quality in such a short amount of time.

This is much less to order than say, other HD800 cables and it uses nothing but top shelf materials and Ted and I's stringent standards of quality, so I have no doubts of it's performance once we get it all nice and broken in.

No overly romantic buzzwords here for these, just the highest quality silver I have, connected to the highest quality plug I could find.

I was a bit concerned with the HD800 being analytical in nature pairing with the silver, but for some reason Randy's Ety cables sounded wonderful with them, so I decided to take a shot with these in a special flavor of silver from my private collection.

I've got moar pics in the gallery section.

Please PM me if you have any questions or if you'd like to order something like this! Also we have a direct order line on Headphone Lounge now if you know what you'd like from our drop down menus!

As always, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day :)

Hope you guys like LCD-2's

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is officially the first cable with MDPC-X btw, very high quality tough non-fraying stuff that doesn't make silly
scratchy noises


She won't win top honors at any looking contest but she's gonna sound real good!

Died and went to RCA heaven

Friday, October 7, 2011

So the theme of this today's update are RCA's!

Never thought I'd get into seriously building these, but apparently the RCA interconnects I build have received an equal amount of esteem as my headphone cables and IEM cables! I still love doing headphone recable jobs, so don't hesitate to send your stuff in guys, I'm working on Aram's K701 this weekend :)

Neutrik RCA's

3.5mm to Neutrik RCA's w/ improvised strain relief

These are one of my favorite sets of RCA's, I almost prefer them to my super nice and flashy Cardas 24k gold plated ones I have! Valabs rhodium plated tellurium copper. Very weighty, feel nice in hand, and I had to turn the light down since they're polished to a mirror finish! I also like the L/R channel indicators as well  

Audio Technica ES7 and ESW9 recable

Monday, October 3, 2011

Somebody out there was silly enough to send me nearly 500 dollars worth of Audio Technica headphones for recablin'! Jerrod had two pairs of Audio Technica cans with ruined cables, the the ESW9's are special limited edition portable cans with African Paduak wood shells for tone. They sounded amazing out of box, I'm not going to say that they didn't these are considerably better looking and sounding than a lot of the portable cans out there, they come with an "oxygen free copper" cable already.

The ES7's were already my favorite portable until I heard the ESW9 :)

Ted and I took the liberty of building some gold plated OCC copper cables for these guys and they're already lookin' real good!

4ft of gold plated sex to a Neutrik 3.5mm straight plug

The ES7's are so shiny that this is the only way you can capture the lettering on them without
completely revealing our secret identities

New Stuff

Just a bit of whats come hot off the forge in the last couple of weeks!

JH16PRO cables w/ Oyaide right angle plug, 100ohm impedance adapter, and LOD dock cable
On their way to Seaskimmer!

2 Pairs of Rhodium Plated Tellurium Copper RCA's for Randy's RCA's interconnects stacked against some Neutrik RCA's