Died and went to RCA heaven

Friday, October 7, 2011

So the theme of this today's update are RCA's!

Never thought I'd get into seriously building these, but apparently the RCA interconnects I build have received an equal amount of esteem as my headphone cables and IEM cables! I still love doing headphone recable jobs, so don't hesitate to send your stuff in guys, I'm working on Aram's K701 this weekend :)

Neutrik RCA's

3.5mm to Neutrik RCA's w/ improvised strain relief

These are one of my favorite sets of RCA's, I almost prefer them to my super nice and flashy Cardas 24k gold plated ones I have! Valabs rhodium plated tellurium copper. Very weighty, feel nice in hand, and I had to turn the light down since they're polished to a mirror finish! I also like the L/R channel indicators as well  

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