Randy's LCD2's

Monday, October 24, 2011

So Randy/Physther has been ordering from me since day 1, has about every single configuration of every cable I made just for fun (dude I know you don't really need all of them, thanks for supporting me)

He made a comment that the LCD-2's were kind of boring, long stretch, lets throw a cable at them... here's his feedback:

"Yooo chris - I'm still on Phuket time which is 6:30pm later today so listening to the LCD-2 w/cable you made - AB'ing the heck out of it and it just sounds so much better than the stock cable - highs are more crisp, lows more punchy - like it hits then ends/moves onto the next note (not sure what the word for that is =P). I have been using your cable exclusively since I've returned. Thanks man!!"
Clairvoyant gold plated OCC copper terminated to a DHC/ZXAC 3.5mm plug

Rean/Neutrik mini 4-pin XLR's fitting very flush on the LCD-2

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