MDPC Sleeving Coming Soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello folks!

The following is an upgrade to my inventory, I recently purchased some world class (it's literally from Germany) MDPC-X sleeving for usage on headphone cables!

These are now availible at extra cost (10-15 bucks depending on cable) in the following BAD ASS colors!

This project is constantly evolving to further allow me to deliver the best quality cables for the money! That along combination with the growing number of customization options make me really excited for the future of Chris_Himself Audio. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ultimate Ears TF10 and Westone UM3x gold plated copper and silver in zebra color

Jerry Harvey JH16PRO and RA-RA Neutrik Interconnect for Finn in gold plated OCC copper

How to ruin/improve a pair of Grados for under 2 bucks

Friday, September 23, 2011

So I whine about the stock Grado headband... A LOT.

If you use headphones like I use headphones (10 hours a day), your Grado headband is gonna round out and that metal band inside the headband (minus SR-325 and up) is going to EAT away at your skull faster than flesh eating bacteria yo... lucky I'm 22 with a full head of hair otherwise I'd be balding from that pressure mang...

So I got bored, whipped out a pair of SR-80's and just paracord wrapped 'em...

If you hate your headphones, be sure to ask me to do this on them when I'm recabling them HAHAHA....

Just kidding I take my work semi-seriously, only good stuff leaves the lab guys :)

LCD-2 cable wanted to play so it pulled up a chair next to me

Woodland camo paracord

Don't try this at home... it's pretty comfy though if you don't want to wear these outside

RCA adapter for LOD's

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New stuffs + LCD-2 Cable! (bad pic)

Friday, September 16, 2011

I've been putting out some exceptionally pimp work lately with my commander in chief Lord Ted of Oregon-shire!

Westone ES5 cable for Alexander

Michael's TF10 cable


Keep up the orders guys, I'm lovin' it like McDonalds!

Feedback on the new gold plated copper (GP-OCC)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Thanks Chris.

One quick question the interconnect I received, is that's the gold plated version?

With my poor eyesight, it look like it is?

It's very, very good, now I have just a/b it against the Ibasso one, a 7N/OCC silver plated one and a Fiio interconnect and I don't think I have heard so much a difference before when I have tested interconnects! The outcome - your interconnect sounding better..


I actually ran out of friggin silver like a week or two ago, and I was just randomly upgrading people to this stuff and it looks like the jury is in, gold is better than silver for sound. Scientifically gold is not actually a better conductor than silver, it's used in connectors for it's corrosion resistance, but if you have a teflon coated wire it is. Sonically it's all a bunch of magic because if it was a contest of purity, you could produce your own cable to beat out some 600 dollar cables out there...

I'm still trying my best to perfect my art with Ted and each and every day with every new supporter they get better and better. A lot of you guys are coming back to me for repeat business and I thank you all so very much!

GP-OCC Copper (You want this)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

So because I like to shock and awe and due to our late success, I wanted to pass on something amazing:

Gold plated OCC copper :)

This has proven to be the best material for interconnects, I'm offering it for cheap, please inquire about this stuff. Sonically it's warmer than the silver, while the silver offers brightness. I love the silver on the Grado, but if you're looking for a conservative and "homely" sound with a bump in clarity in all the frequencies, this is really as good as it gets!

If you guys need this stuff for projects, please e-mail or PM me and I'll get it out to you guys, it's enamel coated, so all you'd need to to is braid and win!

D2000 Recable and Broken Screw Fix!

Friday, September 9, 2011

This guy mails me out a pair of Denon D2000's which have the known ear cup screw problem, where they're so thin they just fracture and break. They arrive to me in less than satisfactory condition, we work it out and I'm gonna fix 'em! Calling Denon yields no results as they want me to pay like 10 bucks for parts and wait 4-8 weeks to receive them. Are you serious? Apparently the build quality of the D5000 is subject to questioning too but more on that later...

Anyway this was your typical recable job with techflex sleeving. I'm switching from techflex to multifilament nylon from now on. I enjoy that techflex expands though so I'll keep some on hand.

So after a bunch of headache we finally finished the repair, got the recable and they're on their way back to him!

Thanks Ted!

Tool462's Grados feat. Marty's cups

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've always been a fan of Marty's work from day one, and finally our work meets one place!

Casey performed all the work himself, and what a good job at that!

Wood Trim and Gold Plated UP-OCC Copper!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

People. You NEED to get this stuff it's great! Wood choice based on availibility and I've pretty much just handpicked them for people at random, but feel free to give me suggestions? I've never had someone not like the wood trim and I always suggest. They're $5 add-ons for almost any cable, I have them on all my personal ones :) I've been giving them out for free lately though just because I love reading people's reactions!

Spalted Maple
Hawaiian Koa
Rosewood of Some Sort
Yak Bone (not really wood)

All future orders for the time being are going to be upgraded to my limited stock UP-OCC gold plated copper due to a shortage of silver, yes it's better, yes it's going to cost me more, no it doesn't matter because my supporters come first! It sounds better, looks better, and it comes in a nice thicker 26AWG gauge!

Still waiting on a package of ViaBlue small T6S 3.5mm from Null Audio for a sample to a potential vendor :(

Gold plated UP-OCC TF10 w/ "I have no idea" wood but it still looks great and it's one of my favorites

Gold plated UP-OCC copper w/ Koa

Silver with spalted maple

Starting an LCD-2 offering!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lately I've been gaining popularity as an IEM cable wizard of sorts and I'm trying to expand my repertoire of products so I'd like to publicly state that I have the technology, skills, and determination to produce a very high quality silver replacement LCD-2 cable!

6' 4-conductor UP-OCC solid core 26AWG silver with clear or black teflon in a Type II litz braid
Techflex sleeving or bare wire
Right and left channel indicators
1/4" DHC/ZXAC connector
Dual 4-pin mini XLR's to the headphones
Typical Chris_Himself quality you've come to know! (On a scale of 1-Awesome, they're rated Awesome)

The first 5 people to order this for trials get the cable for 110 dollars shipped to your door! I need people out there with my stuff!