D2000 Recable and Broken Screw Fix!

Friday, September 9, 2011

This guy mails me out a pair of Denon D2000's which have the known ear cup screw problem, where they're so thin they just fracture and break. They arrive to me in less than satisfactory condition, we work it out and I'm gonna fix 'em! Calling Denon yields no results as they want me to pay like 10 bucks for parts and wait 4-8 weeks to receive them. Are you serious? Apparently the build quality of the D5000 is subject to questioning too but more on that later...

Anyway this was your typical recable job with techflex sleeving. I'm switching from techflex to multifilament nylon from now on. I enjoy that techflex expands though so I'll keep some on hand.

So after a bunch of headache we finally finished the repair, got the recable and they're on their way back to him!

Thanks Ted!

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  1. So were did you get the parts for the broken cup?