Feedback on the new gold plated copper (GP-OCC)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Thanks Chris.

One quick question the interconnect I received, is that's the gold plated version?

With my poor eyesight, it look like it is?

It's very, very good, now I have just a/b it against the Ibasso one, a 7N/OCC silver plated one and a Fiio interconnect and I don't think I have heard so much a difference before when I have tested interconnects! The outcome - your interconnect sounding better..


I actually ran out of friggin silver like a week or two ago, and I was just randomly upgrading people to this stuff and it looks like the jury is in, gold is better than silver for sound. Scientifically gold is not actually a better conductor than silver, it's used in connectors for it's corrosion resistance, but if you have a teflon coated wire it is. Sonically it's all a bunch of magic because if it was a contest of purity, you could produce your own cable to beat out some 600 dollar cables out there...

I'm still trying my best to perfect my art with Ted and each and every day with every new supporter they get better and better. A lot of you guys are coming back to me for repeat business and I thank you all so very much!

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