Wood Trim and Gold Plated UP-OCC Copper!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

People. You NEED to get this stuff it's great! Wood choice based on availibility and I've pretty much just handpicked them for people at random, but feel free to give me suggestions? I've never had someone not like the wood trim and I always suggest. They're $5 add-ons for almost any cable, I have them on all my personal ones :) I've been giving them out for free lately though just because I love reading people's reactions!

Spalted Maple
Hawaiian Koa
Rosewood of Some Sort
Yak Bone (not really wood)

All future orders for the time being are going to be upgraded to my limited stock UP-OCC gold plated copper due to a shortage of silver, yes it's better, yes it's going to cost me more, no it doesn't matter because my supporters come first! It sounds better, looks better, and it comes in a nice thicker 26AWG gauge!

Still waiting on a package of ViaBlue small T6S 3.5mm from Null Audio for a sample to a potential vendor :(

Gold plated UP-OCC TF10 w/ "I have no idea" wood but it still looks great and it's one of my favorites

Gold plated UP-OCC copper w/ Koa

Silver with spalted maple

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