How to ruin/improve a pair of Grados for under 2 bucks

Friday, September 23, 2011

So I whine about the stock Grado headband... A LOT.

If you use headphones like I use headphones (10 hours a day), your Grado headband is gonna round out and that metal band inside the headband (minus SR-325 and up) is going to EAT away at your skull faster than flesh eating bacteria yo... lucky I'm 22 with a full head of hair otherwise I'd be balding from that pressure mang...

So I got bored, whipped out a pair of SR-80's and just paracord wrapped 'em...

If you hate your headphones, be sure to ask me to do this on them when I'm recabling them HAHAHA....

Just kidding I take my work semi-seriously, only good stuff leaves the lab guys :)

LCD-2 cable wanted to play so it pulled up a chair next to me

Woodland camo paracord

Don't try this at home... it's pretty comfy though if you don't want to wear these outside

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