Why Silver?

NOTE :  UP-OCC and PC-OCC use the same material and process developed by Dr.Atsumi Ohno. UP-OCC is manufactured in Taiwan by Wan Lung Electric Wire & Cable MEG who also the owner of NeoTech and manufacture Hi-End cables for US/European/Japan brands.

NEOTECH Cable has a board selection of different UPOCC speaker, interconnect, S-Video and power cord cables in the medium to high performance class.

There is no better silver wire for the money, I get this at a good price, and I pass the savings onto the final user, if you guys are happy, I'm happy, and everybody gets amazing sounding audio equipment!

Theres not a quick way to describe what silver does for headphone cabling and analog interconnects, it simply improves headphones in every way, and I suspect very particular audiophiles will notice the same thing with their speaker interconnects!

I've heard everything from clearer highs, deeper bass, more extension along with a "weightier  " sound, to power efficiency gains!

It took me a while to post this because I was trying to find a way to debunk anti-cable train of thought, but then I realized, doesn't sound speak louder than words? I hope you will all enjoy the sound of my cables through your favorite headphones and IEMs for years to come!

The silver is made in the same fashion and is guaranteed to be at least 6N (99.9999%) pure. I could buy 7N, but that stuff is expensive for an extra decimal?!

If you guys need to buy this stuff off me, I can work out a deal!