Audio Technica ES7 and ESW9 recable

Monday, October 3, 2011

Somebody out there was silly enough to send me nearly 500 dollars worth of Audio Technica headphones for recablin'! Jerrod had two pairs of Audio Technica cans with ruined cables, the the ESW9's are special limited edition portable cans with African Paduak wood shells for tone. They sounded amazing out of box, I'm not going to say that they didn't these are considerably better looking and sounding than a lot of the portable cans out there, they come with an "oxygen free copper" cable already.

The ES7's were already my favorite portable until I heard the ESW9 :)

Ted and I took the liberty of building some gold plated OCC copper cables for these guys and they're already lookin' real good!

4ft of gold plated sex to a Neutrik 3.5mm straight plug

The ES7's are so shiny that this is the only way you can capture the lettering on them without
completely revealing our secret identities

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