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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

As I'm nearing the the end of my backorders and getting back on my feet to having free time for Ted again, I want to keep him busy.

I think Headphone Lounge cables or more commonly known, Chris_Himself Cables are ready for the next move due to our fantastic growth in our less than 1 year of business to offer distribution agreements for stores.

I'm still a noob when it comes to business but I think we can work something out that is beneficial to both parties.

Please e-mail me for a price list :)

Orders shall be in 15+ quantities, but I consider this a short term investment due to the speed at which these sell from me and secondhand on the marketplace. I can't believe my stuff has become such a hot selling item. I say this with as much humility as possible, I had very humble beginnings building my own custom cables and meeting Ted who was even better at doing it. I didn't ask for much help except from Double Helix who makes the best cables in the business as well as Zombie_X who does some of the best recables as well!

Anyway let me know, and I look forward to meeting all you big-time guys who've been lurking my stuff. I think my cables represent the best bang for the buck currently in term so performance and I know people like the sound of that, so I'll be patiently waiting your e-mails!

I'm looking for distribution to Singapore, The UK, Sweden, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Australia!

Please forward this to everybody you know!

Christopher Tran aka Chris_Himself

PS. My awesome girlfriend says thanks for all the nice steak dinners I can afford to take her to now. She's really happy you guys like my stuff and that my name is sort of well known in the audiophile community!

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