After two years I finally got myself a phone..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yeah so thanks guys... my girlfriend has been nagging me for the last two years for not having a phone.. I just didn't wanna submit to the man like that!

I'd love if you folks gave me a ring sometime. After all it's your money paying my bill :)

My number is area code four oh eight, 829, eight oh 44. TAKE THAT SPAMBOTS. NOBODY GETTIN MAH NUMBER.

Oh and please, no yelling at me because your cables are two weeks overdue or possibly even a month, I'm trying my best and I'm sensitive =(

Well not really, but yeah I'll take those calls too!


It's an iPhone 4S. Thats like DOUBLY submitting to the man.

1 comment:

  1. Where is my cable??!! :)

    I'm still suffering those blasted Super.Fi 3 horrors at the moment. My ears will never forgive me for the physical pain of inserting something in my ear that fits about as comfortably as a lego starfish.

    Incidentally, I made a website to stop spam bots:

    Give it a go!