2012 Was the Shit!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whoo, we closed 2012 strong, 2013 is NUTS so far, our business has multiplied by a number I will keep to myself, prices have more or less stayed the same despite the traffic. I'd like to do less work for more money in the future now that I've cultured a great brand name for myself with the help of Jin and Ted...

But quite honestly my mission statement was to provide the best damn cable for the price with respect to my fellow cablers in the industry. I don't want to alienate anybody because of money because honestly that $100-200 that goes into your premium cable is WORTH it and it has always been. Wanna know how? Ask any of the 400+ people I've sold to in the last year..

Shoutout to Double Helix Cables. I couldn't have done this without Peter's help and even though we're competitors, we've always been friends. No homo.

2011 was cool, 2012 was the shit, and 2013 is gonna be off the chain.

PS. I'm still humble, I save up for things I want, and I try to do good things for others. Owning a business at 24 hasn't gotten to my head at all, and I will keep a cool head and drive HPL to continued success. I'm looking at building a webstore soon for you guys who don't wanna go through the e-mail process :)

Love yall,


  1. Chris, I just luvvvvvvvvvv the Cable you made for my W4R's last year!

    Hope 2013 is all you want it to be:)

    From a 62yo COF (Crotchety Old Fart) to a 24yo DEWD...

    Richard Young

  2. Haha thanks Richard, I know you're one of our biggest fans and it really means a lot to us. I hope you're enjoying your cable and you always know where to find me :)