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Thursday, October 24, 2013

So as some of you may have heard, there have been some changes at HPL Audio. Needless to say, some chaff was threshed and HPL Audio is now just me, Christopher Tran aka Chris_Himself. I run this shizzle exclusively, make all the decisions, and now have a much superior website to myself:

This last week I've been working hard to make improvements to the site's visuals, streamlined my product lineup so that some standalone cables like SPC, Copper, and Hybrid are just one cable now with drop-down options, cut out some stuff that just wasn't working, and I added an entire lineup of Audio-GD DAC/amps!

Definitely look forward to the success of my brand, my company, and now, my intellectual property. I will be applying a motif/theme to HPL as soon as I can come up with one, but methinks going with what I went to school for and know real well (Materials Engineering and Sciences) isn't a bad idea!

We use 24AWG wire for cables now which I have to photograph/have photographed. Wires are hard to picture, braids even moreso!

Connectors are now machined and made for us by Taobao, no more handrolled nonsense.

Has the split cost me any business?

OH HELL NO! Actually business has been amazing, there was a slow period around the end of summer but it was just a phase, and I still was averaging 3-4 orders a week.

I thank you all who have followed me since the beginning. The service will be much better and more personal despite the automated checkout system I promise, it's just me and me now, I don't have to make any excuses for anybody but me now. And if something goes wrong with the service now, then I have forfeited what I set out to do. My customers are gold to me.

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