D2000 recable plus other tidbits!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

These things are effin' awesomesauce! These are Denon D2k's with D7000 cups on them (they're extremely expensive) sent to Ted and I for a cable pimpjob by Darren!

I'll be awaiting some better pictures from him once he receives them, they sound fantastic by the way... they have some of the Lawton audio mods on them already and the bass becomes much tighter instead of the tendency to be boomy like all the stock D2k's I've heard before... the wood cups certainly make a difference too!


These all black cables are really starting to grow on me... note we're getting
the twisted pairs to be almost perfectly symmetrical now!

Some Grado cables for Magnum builds

It doesn't make sense to use DHC branded plugs...
...but they're still really awesome looking. Thanks to ZX for the hookup!

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