Ted's Been Busy As a Bee!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So apparently we're still getting cables out to people before 2011 end so here are some new ones! Sales for December have been very strong and I have nobody to thank but the people of Head-Fi for giving Ted and I something to do when we're bored. I was able to buy Christmas presents with your folks' generous contributions, Ted just bought a new RV and could use the gas and camping supplies money and it was due to everybody's desire to support me, the little guy that I was able to end 2011 on such a positive note.

I'm in a good mood so I think we're gonna have a 10% off sale real soon to encourage you guys to come back and keep in touch with me and of course meet some new people who could use some cables too :)


Physther's 26AWG cryo to Neutrik 3-pin XLR disconnect

Check out that attention to detail on the y-split, we're getting better at this but don't tell anybody :)

Will I ever be able to get over how awesome the Valabs carbon fiber plug looks? Probably not.

Johan got me into this color of Techflex... I love it!

JH16 to Viablue T6

Westone ES5 to Viablue T6

TF10 to Valabs carbon fiber

Awesome awesome config with lots of flavor in this one. The wood looks better without the flash, Ted makes these by hand by the way.

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