D-Day (except not really)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Howdy yallz!

So some of you guys have been waiting for some stuff, I'm going to ship out a buttload of product tomorrow to all my patient supporters who've been patiently waiting to receive their sound tubes from me! Thats good news and bad, the good is that I finally got to it, the bad is that it's not within my desirable time frame.

I apologize for any grievances this may have caused you, it ultimately came down to logistics due to a delay in the supply chain. That was a lot of big words in one sentence. (I'm edjumakated)

Anyway, due to the interest that this page has generated, I am able to afford supplies to be able to maintain inventory, versus ordering small batches of plugs and stuff. In short: "Zombie_X" from head-fi came through and he's supplying us with enough materials to supply all the good boys and girls with thingamajiggers for their headphones and IEM's for a while! Thanks buddy, you're definitely one of the good guys!

I have like a bajillion of these things coming now.
+500 Chris points to Zombie_X of "Zombie X Amateur Cables"

I'll have pics of the latest cables to leave the forge. Big gigantic thanks to Ted too, I couldn't have chosen a better and more reliable person to work with and this wouldn't have been possible without him working side by side with me. (I know you read my blog dude)

I have a few of these suckers coming in too kekeke

Anyway, from the bottom of my heart thank you to everybody who's made this possible, I promise no more delays, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week :)

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