Distributors and What to Eat for Breakfast?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Looking at possible small-scale distribution opportunities for any headphone, IEM, or interconnect cables to take this project to the next level, I've received a couple offers already which I am fully considering, so I just wanted to put this out there publicly for anybody looking for new friends haha.

Imagine a vast clone army of these in various configurations..
UP-OCC silver attached to some once-ordinary Grado SR-60's

It's 7:30AM, I'm really hungry. I could go make cereal right now which would be virtually silent while everybody is sleeping (carry the treasure back into my room and make it),

OR... OR...

I could go all out, make a bacon/cheese/avocado omelette with some steak tips right now (omelette skills are crucial to woman courtship at my age), which would not only wake 4 people in my house up from the sound, but from the smell.

Eff it.. I'm just going back to sleep lol.

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