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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A little background about myself as a headfi member.

Recently I have become more fascinated with improving the quality of the sound of the music I listen to. I am now in my early 30's, and the last time I was this interested in audio equipment was 10+ years ago when I was in college and wanted a nice "system" for my truck. Fortunately now, I am a member of the headfi community and have finally come across something that has compelled me to write a review for all of you to read. Take it easy on my amateur review...when it comes to exact details and things of the like, I am no expert.

I have been using a set of 10's for two years now. As I became more informed about upgrading cables from reading the boards, I naturally wanted to spend my hard earned money getting better sound from my IEM's. Scouring the boards, I saw that there are a few places that sell cables and it seems as if most of those places are located in China and customer service can be pretty spotty. SO after reading I saw that some members were raving about custom cables made by the user Chris_himself located in my state of CA...I PM'd him and asked him to make me cable for my triples.

My experience with him began on a positive note because he literally responded with a price that was very reasonable compared with the companies in China(he was much cheaper). He asked me lots of detailed questions of what I wanted. Being new to this, I told him to make me something good and I would spend a little extra as long as I liked it. I was SUPER skeptical that silver cord could really make a difference. Boy was I pleasantly surprised that I was wrong. The silver cable he made me not only looks cool, but more importantly it gave new life to my's and made my music pop. Every bit of sound was improved. The highs, lows and especially mids. I dont know if this is a by product of upgrading cables, but it seems as if I don't need to turn the volume up on my iphone/ipad/amp anymore. I find myself cutting the volume by 20-30% with the new cables vs. the stock. I absolutely love this upgrade and Chris_himself has satisfied my desire to upgrade my IEM's...for now. I listen to a wide variety of music, but I gauge how much I like the sound using Dave Matthews.

If you are at all curious about upgrading, I strongly recommend using Chris_himself. You can learn from him, as he is very helpful. I can say that if my cables have any problems I have full confidence that he will make it right.

Some specs according to him: (I don't know anything about this stuff, all I care about is what sounds good to me)

28AWG 99.99997% Solid Core Silver in a Litz braid twisted in black and clearPolished Yak bone Y-connect that he makesCyro-parts Carbon fiber gold plated mini-plugCusom hand rolled epoxy connectors with 24k gold plated nickle alloy pins.

Here are some pics.

photo (2).JPG



  1. I freaking love these cables. I just got a set of sennheiser 595's. Do I need to send them to you to get recabled? I am trying to think of something unique to the cable I will have you make for me.

  2. Um yeah I can do it for you, just mail them to Ted.I'm thinking full clear braid of 24AWG silver up to twisted pairs, and a 1/4" Viablue T6S plug?

    No wood on these, just a shrink tube! Thanks for stopping by man!