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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now see, I don't understand why they're called Grado "LABS" if they've been making caveman simple, yet excellent headphones since before the internet was invented and just been tweaking it little by little every 2-3 years.

Anyway I was very sloshed one night off of Stone Brewing's Ruination IPA and I accidently disconnected the solder pad. Usually this is very easy to avoid. One phone call to Grado and the next day my headphones are sent off for repair. Having them upgraded to the SR125i cups and cable too!

I had to pay a very meager sum of money considering that I would just straight up pay for these upgrades myself so kudos to Grado for taking care of one of their biggest fans!

It's odd that even with the newer orthodynamics that are out, you still have the diehard Grado fans who will listen to nothing else! I was originally looking for a DT880, but I ended up liking the SR325is I heard in a store the other day so maybe I'm going to go that route instead haha.

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