Fun Fact: Braiding Isn't Just For Fun Apparently

Friday, August 19, 2011

"...When cable is twisted it becomes capacitive, which accentuates the low end while suppressing the highs to a certain degree. In a headphone cable, the tighter the twist the more prevalent this phenomenon becomes. Braiding a wire has a different effect on the signal put through it, which causes it to have the brighter sound. A friend of mine once explained in detail the phenomenon that exists with a braided cable, but as I'm not someone with a firm knowledge of electrical theory I forgot how it works. " -Van Jensen, one of my customers

I'll be honest, I've literally never had a decent explanation other than "it's silver, and it's more conductive" but apparently it's also been a fluke due to how we had been making them too!

I didn't believe myself that the litz braid displayed here had such a profound effect alongside the silver until now...
I thought braiding it was just putting more work and love into a cable but alas, sound tells everything!

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