Sennheiser HD6xx Cable and Some Other Goodies

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sennheiser HD580 and 6xx series cable:
(Lol it's a sound pipe)

6' length from connector to plug
26AWG litz braided OCC gold plated copper (I don't think anybody else even uses this stuff)
CARDAS HPSC (High Performance Sennheiser Connector?) Rhodium plated plugs
Hawaiian Koa Y-split
Cryoparts branded carbon fiber 3.5mm at the end
I can let this go for 110 shipped to your door, let me know if you want a 1/4" plug on the end!

IEM Cable for UE/Westone/JHA/Shure/Etymotic**
(Gonna have to think of an interesting name for these later)

46" of raw hot 28AWG 6N OCC silver forged from the fires of Mt. Doom. It can only be destroyed in the fires in which it was made. No seriously though, this is pretty tough stuff, I haven't had a breakage yet due to the wire coming apart.

Amboyna Wood y-connect and slider

I haven't connected a plug for this yet so it's up to you guys what you want. I really like the DHC/ZXAC plug and the Cryoparts carbon fiber for a dressier cable, but Neutrik 3.5mm straight or right angle works just fine for me!

I can ship this to US/EU/CA for 65! :)

**Etymotic requires you to buy an adapter to run Westone pins, I don't currently have access to stock Ety pins for now.

Also check out this awesome video I found about a cat.

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