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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Joe offered to review my cables publicly in a shoot-out thread that he already has running. I'm 100% confident that these things will ahem... kick ass regardless of the fact that for the time being they're selling for under 100 dollars shipped which is quite a steal.

These are going out Monday and I look forward to his impressions!

I had initial teething issues with fit, but now I'm confident that I can start selling these en masse. These are pinned for the Jerry Harvey Audio line of custom in-ear monitors in my flavor of silver wire. Ted builds the connectors by hand, it was his ingenuity and craftsmanship in his hand made connectors that makes these IEM cables possible. Being handmade, they'll start out good and only get better the more we make right? We've got the TF10, Westone, and Shure cables NAILED though!

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